This is fiber reinforcement
at its best

DRI Rubber was the first in the industry to develop high quality, fiber reinforced rubber compounds, delivering the best specifications in the market – FRC® (aka FRRC®). Our on-spec FRC® demonstrates unmatched performance in the industry and ensures consistency in quality.

DRI Rubber is the #1 global supplier of FRC® to the solid tire industry.

chopped & baled (C&B)

FRC® C&B is an on-spec reprocessed fiber reinforced intermediate rubber compound for hot application. It is used as a masterbatch for a final application, such as solid tires. It functions as the backbone for fiber reinforced rubber compounds, homogeneous and consistent in composition. We pride ourselves in providing the best in the industry!


FRC® Preform is a ready-made, unvulcanized, masticated and fiber reinforced rubber, available in rolls, sheets, or strips. The preform is manufactured to the required dimension for direct molding (cold application). It’s unmatched fiber dispersion and orientation, low heat build-up and maximum tackiness make it a game-changer for high performance parts. This material can be tailored to fit each client’s application and process.